My name is Scott King.  I am married to my beautiful wife Katie, and we are blessed to have three wonderful sons, Andrew, Alex and Adam.  We live in Woodstock, GA. 

I have been a Financial Advisor since February 1996.  The defining moment for me was the Bear Market that began in October 2007, ending in March of 2009.  Most of the financial industry education I received at that time failed to protect investors in that market period.  

My natural curiosity led me to become a deep researcher on markets, and more specifically, Bear Markets and their causes.  I felt a sense of professional responsibility to understand how things really worked in this complicated global market structure. More importantly, I wanted to be able to provide investment strategies to my clients that did well in all market cycles. 

Since that time, I have become an advanced market technician (un-designated).  I have studied under experienced, advanced market technicians and developed my own proprietary technical skills and processes.  I subscribe to several of the top market technicians in the industry, as well as Global Macro Research, and fundamental security analysis. 

In 2016 I made a big career change.  Although I was still a Financial Advisor, I wanted to take the lessons I had learned and create my own portfolio management product.  I received my Accredited Portfolio Management Advisor(APMA) designation and became a Discretionary Asset Manager.  My goal was to create a portfolio system that maximized gains in bull markets and minimized losses in bear markets. My strength in the past five years was protecting asset values in severe down markets.    I learned a very important lesson, and it was reflected in the numbers I was seeing with my long-term clients. Minimizing losses in bear markets maximizes long term returns, significantly. 

In 2022, I left my previous firm, created King Global Investments, and joined forces with Legacy Capital Advisors in Atlanta, Georgia where I serve as a Managing Director.  I offer KGI Portfolios exclusively to the clients of Legacy Capital Advisors and King Global Investments, as well as  Wealth Management Services.  Our Broker/Dealer is Avantax, Clearing Services through Fidelity NFS.


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